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Giving is an Act of Worship

Generosity is a spiritual discipline, not just a “fund me” for causes important to God. When we view generosity as a form of stewardship (taking care of something that isn’t actually ours) we can begin to see that everything we have is actually God’s and therefore we need to see how we are handling what we have been given.Resources, time and influence are 3 areas where we can practice generosity. From a biblical perspective, we are supposed to view these areas of our life with a particular perspective:

  1. They all belong to God
  2. We are caretakers
  3. We have the privilege of giving

The experience of giving from a spiritual motivation frees us from the powerful grip of things and moves us to being empowered to use all we have for higher purposes.

What could motivate us to give generously?

  • Honouring God and teaching ourselves that all we have is God’s
  • Blessing others by enriching their lives now and beyond
  • Giving is a joyful act of worship
  • Investing in Kingdom causes
  • Demonstrating to a ‘self focused’ world that life is bigger than possessions and things
  • Finding joy and power in a life of giving ourselves away
  • Discovering our true self by enriching the lives of others
  • Bringing glory to God by treating all things the way God would treat them
  • Being a good manager of all we have: time, talent, influence, relationships and possessions

Giving is an act of worship and therefore reveals our hearts towards God. It is important to reflect not only on our practices of giving but also on our attitudes of giving.

Mark 12:41-44 shows a beautiful picture of a widow giving two small copper coins into the treasury, to which Jesus praised: this woman gave everything she had to live on because of her love for the Lord. She valued Christ more than even her own life and security.

Consider your own life:

  • What brings you so much joy that you would sacrifice and give up your time, influence, and money to obtain it?
  • How can we begin cultivating that same love and joy for the cause of Christ? 

The above is adapted from a study guide provided by FPC Houston. ©Copyright 2021 First Presbyterian, Houston.

Maybe God is nudging you to exercise the spiritual discipline of giving generously in time, prayer, finance or influence to further His kingdom in these areas.

Within the Inspire Movement there are a number of Missioners currently fundraising in order to give all or part of their time to the Movement. And the School of Discipleship is reaching people all over the world and we want to do even more

Is God inviting you to share your heart through your giving? You can read more about our fundraising Missioners and how to give by clicking the buttons below.

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