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Growing Missional Communities

A new semester in Wilmore, KY, USA, inevitably brings some re-grouping for our fellowships. There are often transitions over the summer and people move on, as is the nature of student towns. This year was no exception. But the Lord was already preparing people for extending the fellowships in the new academic year. 

One house fellowship had a fire-pit early in October to welcome new people wanting to explore joining in a fellowship. Another house fellowship re-started after a summer break with a brand new baby in their midst. And the Lord has been adding to our numbers at the Sunday house church on a weekly basis.  

We have started a monthly Men’s Breakfast that brings together the guys from multiple fellowships. They met for the first time in October to eat sausage, bacon, biscuits and gravy whilst they talked and laughed. It was a time of great fellowship and deepening of friendships. 

Please continue to pray that God will grow and multiply these fellowships; that people’s lives will be transformed as they meet Jesus; and that the Spirit will empower people as missional disciples everywhere they go. 

Phil and Sam are Inspire Missioners in Wilmore, KY, USA

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