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Healing on the Sabbath

We arrived at our little country chapel in rural Kentucky one Sunday morning and were greeted by the Pastor at the door. He went on to say that he wasn’t sure how much use he would be that morning as he had a terrible headache that was getting worse. We immediately reached out and laid hands on him and prayed for his healing. Then we took our seats and the service began. As the time for the sermon came the Pastor stood up and told the congregation that he had thought he’d be going home instead of preaching today because his headache had been so bad but as soon as we had laid hands on him and prayed it started to fade, and then someone during the passing of the peace spontaneously prayed again and it finished the job. He stood and delivered God’s word with a clear head and a testimony of healing! At the end of the service as we were about to stand and leave, a lady in the congregation asked the Pastor if she could speak. Her words went something like this: “I’ve been thinking about what you said Pastor. It says in the Bible that Jesus healed on the Sabbath and he did that for you Pastor today. I believe it. What if He wants to do that for us in our church every Sabbath for all his people?! That’s what we want.” AMEN.

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