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Holy Week – Monday

Seeking Growth in God

So often I struggle to get into prayer. Not even able to find the words to start. So for the past few weeks, I have been inspired by my one year old son, Ezra’s insistence of reading, ‘In the beginning’ over and over again! I have started nearly all my prayers with: 

“Blessed are you Lord, creator of the heavens and the earth.”

Sometimes that is my whole prayer! I don’t get any further.

It has been amazing to see how fruitful and more frequent my prayers with God have become. A simple refrain that acknowledges God and leads me into His presence. 

As I was walking to church one week, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the creation around me. I have to walk down a busy main road but in the weeks leading up to Easter 100’s of daffodils grow between the path and the road. Daffodils are the most joyful of flowers. I can’t help but smile every time I see one.

“Blessed are you Lord, creator of the heavens and the earth. 
The joy of the whole world.”

As I was praying, I noticed in the thorny bush on my other side a solitary daffodil. It was perfect and beautiful, except that it had been pierced by the thorns. In that moment the Lord brought me into remembrance and to a place of confession.

“Blessed are you Lord, creator of the heaven and the earth,
The joy of the whole world,
Pierced for my transgressions” 

How gracious is God, that even when we don’t have a word, He is listening? He leads us into encounter with him, through a simple refrain, through a child’s devotion, through the glory of creation, through the lyrics of a song. 

Are you expecting to see God wherever you are today? How will you start your prayers?

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Tabitha is an Inspire Missioner in Helsby, near Chester, England.

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