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House Fellowships

The Unexpected

I never expected house fellowships to change my life, but the unexpected things have a way of doing that. The first time that my husband and I met with an Inspire house fellowship we met with six other people. Our time together was simple. We ate dinner, and talked about what we had seen God doing in our lives. We had communion as a part of our meal. Then we gathered in the living room and shared the “state of our soul” or in other words a snapshot of how we were really doing. After each person shared someone prayed for that person. After each of us had an opportunity to talk, and be prayed for we all headed home. It sounds so simple, right? 

The simple practices above have been a life changer for us. They provided a space for my husband and I to testify about God’s activity in our lives. We have an opportunity each week to hear from others where they have seen God, and we are challenged to seek God more as we hear those stories. 

This group has also been a big support to us through difficult times. They are people that we know we can ask to pray for us and they will. When we had a miscarriage this past year, our fellowship group immediately surrounded us with prayer, and visits to support us. This group of people has demonstrated the love of Christ to us, and we have been able to love them in return. Pursuing Christ together sounds so simple, and yet it leaves a big impact on those who journey with Him together.   

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