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If I Could Only Touch His Cloak…

We invite you to pray over the preparation of a new resource, and also to ask the Lord if this is a journey you should join in yourself.

If I Could Only Touch His Cloak… From Hopelessness to Healing: A 40-Day Lenten Journey with Jesus, is a new Lenten devotional centred on healing. It will be available for Lent 2022.

“Scripture says that Jesus came to bring us life and life to the fullest. If this is true, why are so many of us burdened with pain, brokenness, and hurts from our past? It feels like stress, anxiety, and depression are running rampant in everyone’s life. Relational turmoil and self-hate are present on every corner. Is this really the abundant life Jesus had in mind? 

Scripture makes it clear that God’s desire is for healing and wholeness. He wants to set us free from anything that hinders us from experiencing His abundant life. This is good news!! However, God’s desire for healing and wholeness makes little difference if we do not know how to intentionally pursue Jesus and receive it. We must learn what it looks like to sit at the feet of Jesus and let His touch, or even the touch of His cloak, heal our wounds. 

If I Could Only Touch His Cloak is a 40-day devotional that leads readers through examining healing in Scripture and provides exercises to aid one’s healing journey with Jesus. Jesus is our healer and He is ready to set each one of us free. He stands with His hands out inviting you into deeper freedom and life in Him. Will you say yes and join Him on the journey?”

The devotional will culminate with an opportunity for an in-person healing prayer retreat after Easter. Plans are underway for a retreat in the USA in late April and in the UK/Ireland in early summer.

Contact us if you are interested in reading the devotional, participating in the Lenten healing journey and retreat and/or would like to be a part of the editorial team before publication.

Hannah is in the process of writing this new resource. She is an Inspire Missioner based in Wilmore, KY, USA. As well as developing healing prayer ministry, she helps with planting house fellowships, mentoring bands and networking locally and across the Movement. She is raising financial support to work full-time with the Inspire Movement. You can read more about Hannah here.

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