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Jesus IS real!

In the Spring of 2022 I met one young man from South Africa. C came to Germany to study for just a semester (6 months) and he later introduced me to some of his friends who also came for the same one semester program and they are from different countries. One of his very close friends was a young lady from Vietnam, Q. She was born and raised in a non-Christian family. 

One Sunday after a music rehearsal with C, he invited me for a hike with Q and another young man from India (also a non-believer). When I met Q, I introduced myself and told her that I was studying christian theology and she asked what theology was, so I had to explain to her. We had a very long conversation about Christianity and other religions. She declared that she believed in nothing but she practiced meditation for at least one hour every day. At the end of our hike, I invited her to a Vietnamese church service which was holding every Sunday at my school chapel and the following week she came and was able to meet some of the church leaders. And one Sunday my friend C invited her to a youth service at a Catholic church and she came and after the service she said she loved it. 

Unfortunately her six months in Germany came to an end and she had to return home. 

I usually make a list of two or three people every week just to get in touch with them and ask them if they have some prayer points or if I could support them in any way. A few weeks after Q returned home I put down her name on my list and I contacted her. When I wrote her through a message, she was really glad.

I have to mention that Q works passionately with kids. We had some conversations in which she said that C our friend sent her the series The Chosen which she started watching and the manner in which she saw Jesus handle the children really touched her heart and she had intended to write me to enquire why Jesus was so kind to children. In the end she requested that we should make an appointment for another day so we could discuss it more over zoom call. And a few days later we had a call and this time with C. I explained to her that almost every church in Nigeria has a Sunday school service which is for kids and there they are being taught about the person of Jesus and his teachings and they are expected to grow in his knowledge. Surprisingly in the end she said she would really like to learn more about this Jesus and I offered to help her. 

A couple of days later I started telling her again about the Christian faith, especially Jesus, God and the Bible. A few weeks later I asked her if we could be meeting once in a week to have a bible study so we could dig into the scripture more and she was so happy about the idea and we agreed to be meeting every Saturday for 2 hours. We started reading the book of John one chapter every week. 

In the beginning it everything was ok for her but later she shared with us that at some point she was so skeptical because what John wrote was not making sense to her.

But everything changed after her sister had a certain experience. Her sister is pregnant and she went for a prenatal visit. The doctor suggested that she should abort her baby because he had an abnormal brain and he would only be a burden to her later in life, but the doctor also told her to go and think about it. When the sister got home she shared the story with some of her Christian friends and they suggested that they would pray for the baby if it was ok for her and she agreed. A couple of weeks later she went back to her doctor and he was so surprised to see that the baby’s brain had improved significantly. He said to her that it was good that she didn’t abort the baby.

When her sister shared this story with her family suddenly Q felt that Jesus is real and from that moment she decided to follow Jesus! She went and repeatedly watched the story of Jesus in The Chosen. Q is now growing in her faith and I can only praise God for revealing himself to her. We continue to seek your prayers in this journey. 

Sabbath is a new Missioner, he is from Nigeria and studying in Germany. He uses the model of fellowship band to help disciple people like C and Q. We have used the letters C and Q to protect the real names of the people in this story

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