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Living for Jesus at Work

One of the core values of Inspire is ‘Engaging Mission’. By that we mean living as an every day disciple on mission with Jesus all of the time, wherever we are. It is not always easy, which is why we need Fellowship Bands and House Fellowship so that we are immersed in communities of people who can help us to be missional disciples.

We can also draw upon the wisdom of others.

The Evangelical Alliance recently launched a new resources suite with the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship called Living for Jesus at Work. It brings together guidance and wisdom to help Christians to speak about Jesus in the world of work. The resources build on fresh research into Christians’ experiences, and reflect a desire for confidence in living and speaking for Jesus at work. Hopefully a good mixture of biblical grounding, common sense, and some legal analysis will provide a helpful starting point for this vital task before us all.

Danny Webster of the Evangelical Alliance writes*:

“There are frequent challenges as we seek to live for Jesus in our world. On one level, it has always been this way. Our challenges are perhaps different than in previous generations, but we should not be nostalgic, thinking there was a golden age without challenges for Christians. Yet it is vital that we know the landscape we walk in, and what the currents and shifts are affecting how people will respond to our faith and call to follow Jesus.

Our world is uneasily secular. That is, commitments to religion are, in different moments, considered optional, unwanted, helpful or a hindrance. It sometimes seems that there is a desire to banish God completely from public life, and yet just when this is being attempted, our society is reminded that it’s never quite that simple.

There are misconceptions about what a Christian is that can make our task harder, and personal and institutional intolerances towards what Christians believe that make it tempting to hide what we believe and who we follow. It’s also easy to see worrying stories in the media about how some Christians have been treated when they do speak about their beliefs and values – especially in the area of sexuality – and want to avoid the same.

And yet we are called not to fear. As we follow Jesus, we are strengthened by peace and grounded in knowing He is with us. We are also encouraged by many who every day navigate the complex worlds that they work in, the competing agendas, the challenging worldviews and pressures and not only continue to do their jobs, but do so in a way that speaks Jesus’ name into places where it is needed the most.”

The Evangelical Alliance UK is made up of hundreds of organisations, churches and individuals, joined together for the sake the gospel. Begun in 1846, it is the oldest and largest evangelical movement in the UK. 

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* Equipped to live for Jesus at work, Danny Webster, Evangelical Alliance, Sept 2022,

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