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Missioners on Mission with Jesus

Mary is an Inspire Missioner whose home country is Ukraine, She and her husband, Andrew, are both OMS missionaries in Ukraine, but they are currently displaced in the USA because of the war. They recently took a road trip to Texas to visit with Inspire Missioners, Frank and Brenda. And everyone was greatly blessed!

Brenda writes: “Andrew and Mary drove a looong way from Colorado to visit us in our home in College Station, Texas. As you can imagine, our church family loved them instantly. Mary said a prayer in her native Ukrainian language during the service. We couldn’t understand the words, but tears flowed as she poured out her heart and sought the Lord.

We had a “pot luck” luncheon after church where Andrew and Mary shared a little about themselves and their ministry. By God’s guidance, Kerrie (one of our sweet ladies) had decorated the tables with blue scarves and yellow flowers – Ukrainian colors!! She had no idea.

After Andrew and Mary shared with those at the luncheon, Kerrie asked them to step to the back of the room to receive a prayer quilt. It to was made in blues and yellows. Again, no prior knowledge that these are Ukrainian colors. The quilt is a “tied” version of quilting. The threads are left long so people come to the quilt and tie a knot as they say a prayer.

As Mary and Andrew left to head back to Colorado, it was a bittersweet goodbye.”

One of the church members added: “I cannot express how much Mary and Andrew touched our hearts. They truly have the heart of Jesus! We were blessed to meet and visit with them. Many prayers for their continuing journey.”

Andrew and Mary serve as missionaries with One Mission Society. You can read more about their ministry and support them HERE.

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