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Setting Prisoners Free

April 2023

Over the past several months there is a young man (20 years old) who has been a problem in the jail. He has been in and out of jail & prison since he was 12 or 13 and has been the source of quite a bit of disturbance in the jail. Even the jail personnel are disturbed by him. Some have even wondered if he has some demonic oppression. 

Over the last month the Lord has put him on my heart as a young man who needs someone to just listen to him. Yesterday I had the officers ask if he would talk with me and he readily agreed. I spent about 30 minutes with him and he was calm and polite. He was open to talking and receptive to “spiritual” conversation. He has now asked if I would mentor him. I feel woefully inadequate. I do feel the Lord led me to this young man for a reason. And I so want to be obedient to the Spirit. I don’t feel I can tell this young man ‘no’. I must work with him but am needing a lot of prayer for this. I

May 5

Today as I mentored and led Bible study at the jail my heart and spirit were led to dancing. The young man I’ve had a burden for the last couple months met with me. He is heading to the prison system in a few weeks. He has been a bit of a handful in the jail at times. Today he was completely clear headed, thinking and speaking very clearly. He confessed Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior as we talked and he expressed the desire to be baptized before he heads to the Department of Corrections. As he shared with me confessing where he has gone wrong and his desire to change he also told me his desire for the drugs has been taken away from him. My spirit has been soaring since that conversation. I am thanking God for what he is doing in this young man’s life. Another name has been entered into the Lamb’s book of life!

I am thankful the Holy Spirit led me to talk with him several weeks ago even though several of the officers thought I was crazy. Most people have given up on this kid.

May 12

Praise the name of the Lord on high. Praise Jesus. I had the great honor this morning of baptizing the young man I posted about a week ago. The change in this young man over 2 months ago is truly a work of the Holy Spirit.

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Ed is an Inspire Missioner in the USA, who has been serving the Lord in prison ministry since his retirement from pastoring a church.

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