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Share Hope

Do you know someone that would like to receive our weekly Beacon of Hope?

In response to the current crisis we are offering a weekly newsletter called the ‘Beacon of Hope’ which is short and easy to read. It seeks to share good news, messages of hope and creative thinking about how to share hope and embody mission in this unusual season.

We want to encourage every day missional living whether we are in a worldwide pandemic or not. In fact could it be that right now the world is looking for hope more than ever.

Share this link with someone to sign up for the Beacon of Hope:

We are aware not everyone can access the internet or are comfortable reading these things online. If you know of someone who would appreciate receiving a paper copy of the Beacon of Hope please send their information and postal address to [email protected] (Please check with them first to make sure you have their permission to share their address, and to ensure that they want to receive it as we don’t want to be sending them out if they are not wanted).

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