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Simple Church

We received a God sighting from a mom in our Missional Community this morning while she was with her kids.  She was reading her kids a bible story after breakfast, the story of the first disciples in Acts and when they received the Holy Spirit.  The story states, “These new followers of Jesus learned together, ate meals together, loved each other, and shared everything they had.  When people needed help, they helped.  When someone needed money, they sold their belongings and gave their money away.  And every day they thanked God for everything he had done for them.” This mom’s daughter then said, “Hey! This is like our church!” The mom then told us, “I just got this sense like we won’t be perfect or get it all right but gosh it feels like we’re doing this the way it was intended to be done.”

Trying to be a community of believers that lives life together isn’t easy.  It requires self-sacrifice, intentionality, and humility.  Often times we don’t feel like we’re getting it right.  But what a beautiful reminder that even our little attempts are what our children notice about our church, and what I am convinced others will be aware of when we gather together.  That we are a people who love each other well.

Anthony and Kylie are Inspire Missioners church planting in St. Louis, MO, USA. If you would like to give to support them in their ministry click here.

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