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Stop Doing That

Sometimes when God speaks to one person, the Word can speak to many. We received this reflection recently and felt that it was meant for more than the original recipient. So many people are burned out and confused by all that is going in their lives. Perhaps this testimony will help to remind us that God is still in control, when we let him!

“The one thing that keeps me going are these words:

We are not called to do great things.
It’s God that does the great things.
We are called to be ‘obedient’

‘We are called to be obedient’

God gave me this picture about native Americans running around circled waggon trains in the Wild West. The waggons are all the different problems, troubles & situations that are before me. I am the dude on the horse running around the problems, troubles & situation trying to fix or control them.

God simply told me, ‘Stop doing that. I have everything covered. Trust me,’ and ‘Let it go,’ because you are going to burn yourself out. He has other work for me that will confound the people. It will also confound me.

God has a good sense of humour 🙂

I smile now, when all my problems, troubles & situations try and get into my head. I just think about the dude on the horse!”

Alan is an Inspire Missioner listening to Lord in Lisburn, Northern Ireland.

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