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The Table is Set!

After a lot of prayer and patience (it had to be God’s timing not ours!) our first experimental* House Fellowship session went well! 

We agreed to meet on a Monday morning for breakfast so it was an early start! Six of us enjoyed bacon, egg and mushroom, toast and croissants! Being British there was a good pot of tea under the tea cosy too!

Sharing where we have seen God over breakfast and praying for each other felt natural and spiritual conversation flowed! We broke bread at the beginning and shared wine at the end of breakfast. 

After breakfast we shared some worship time together. We had to be faithful to two hours due to other commitments, so our time of soul sharing was briefer than we would have liked. But we felt it was a really encouraging start with the Holy Spirit definitely leading the conversation and sharing!

We are so thankful for God going ahead and we pray He continues to grow and bless the House Fellowship in the coming weeks!

Phil & Liz are Inspire Missioners in England. They had their first breakfast together on 21 March which is the first day of Spring. What a wonderful day for God to start a ‘new thing’ !

[*An ‘experimental house fellowship’ is the way we recommend that people begin an Inspire House Fellowship. It is six sessions that move through the principles and practices of House Fellowship by doing them and reflecting on how and why along the way! The final session is an opportunity to review the experience of the previous sessions and talk about if and how the fellowship might commit to a longer journey together.]

Below are few ways you can find out more about Inspire House Fellowships. And we would love to talk to you about how we do House Fellowship and the transforming difference they make in peoples lives. Click on the underlined text to read more.

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