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Recently the area where we live in Kentucky was shrouded in damp clouds in the morning. Despite the usual 25-minute Saturday drive to Lexington, the journey through the fog was unusually serene and profoundly satisfying.

My four-year-old daughter, Aamen, typically a chatterbox during car rides, was uncharacteristically quiet today, gazing intently out of the window. At one point, she remarked on how amazing the clouds looked.

I allowed her to be lost in her thoughts for about 20 minutes before inquiring, “Aamen, why are you so quiet today?”

She responded, “Because I am waiting.”

The word “because” was repeated nearly ten times, causing a sense of unease in me until she finally declared, “BECAUSE I AM WAITING. period.”

Her words struck a chord with me – waiting, even amidst the clouds, can also be beautiful.

This reminds me of the Bible verses where the priests were unable to stand in the presence of God when the cloud filled the temple and tabernacle. Waiting in the presence of the Lord is not only beautiful but also incredibly peaceful. It reaches a point where words fail you, and you simply stand in awe, speechless.

Arpan, Inspire Missioner currently in Kentucky, USA

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