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When A Rainbow Appears…

There was a spectacular rainbow in Wilmore, Kentucky on 12 Jan. It inspired a number or people to share photos and testimony to how the Lord spoke to them through that.

This photo was sent to us by our son. It is his red car underneath the middle. It felt like a reminder of God’s faithfulness over him. He started a new job this week after 18 months of unemployment. It has been hard, but the Lord continues to uphold him and prove His promise that He is with us always, in all things and forever faithful.

Today there was an unusual lemon yellow sky and a rainbow at Kalas village, in Wilmore, KY, USA, where we are based. It is a reminder to us as well that the “Lord is the everlasting God…”

My 16 month old started babbling and speaking our names which sounds like a music to us. It appears natural but we believe that God works on her motor skill beyond what we could ever imagine. God works in each of our lives and in the past days God has multiply us. We are just filled will joy learning that in many many small steps of our everyday family life God carefully craft and design, add and increase our strength. Every morning we get notification old pictures on the same date in the previous years. It is only then we realize how much change and growth is given by the Lord. I am struck down knowing the truth that even while I was sleeping God has spent time on kids, brings rainbows, calming down the sea, providing food to all.

Psalm 127:2 God provides for His own. It is pointless to get up early, work hard, and go to bed late Anxiously laboring for food to eat; for God provides for those He loves, even while they are sleeping.

On 16 Jan there was a rainbow shining through snow in Helsby, England.

A snow-rainbow 🙂

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