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When God Grabs Our Attention

As part of some of our online learning communities we talk about the four core values of the Inspire Way of Life, and the strengths and weaknesses of thinking about discipleship like this. One of the images someone shared recently was that when we do not give our attention to all four values we are like a three, or even two legged stool!

Which made me think. In my desire to follow the Way of Life, I’m not just dealing with a wobbly stool—ALL 4 legs are a bit short.

I’m such an “on the go” personality type, that I never feel fully immersed in the four ingredients: seeking growth, using disciplines, sharing fellowship, and engaging mission. Instead, I run from one thing to another never giving any of the areas the full attention they deserve.

God made clear to me in a very unusual way this week—a fortune cookie—that he desires my full attention in following His Son—not for His sake, but for mine. First, I have to qualify by saying I don’t actually enjoy eating fortune cookies. I typically leave mine for someone else. Secondly, I couldn’t care less what the little slip of paper inside the cookie says.

However, this past week, I decided to bite into my fortune cookie, and on the note tucked inside were the words, “Don’t wait to dig your well when you’re thirsty.”

Wow! I realised that I’ve been running around scratching at the surface, and the LORD was telling me that what I had dug wasn’t going to hold much water when something arose that left me desperate for more of God. And, He said, be sure to stop and take a drink whilst you’re digging!

It’s testimony that our LORD will do a number of creative things to grab our attention!


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