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Workers for the Harvest

Since the start of the Inspire Movement, Phil and Samantha Meadows have given themselves fully to bring teaching, resources, and equipping as well as administrative skills, website development and some more. At various points in the history of the Movement there have been co-workers supported by grants and temporary funding. Always we rely on the generosity of our Missioners volunteering their time to serve the Lord through Inspire.

But the Movement is getting to point where the harvest is greater than the volunteers can manage alone, and Phil and Samantha are more than beyond capacity!

We are so blessed to have a number of Missioners who are willing to raise financial support so that they can give their part or full time to Inspire.

PLEASE join us in raising funds so that we can continue to keep in step with the Spirit and see the Inspire Movement go and grow. PLEASE become a regular giver to Inspire so that we can help support Missioners. You can make a gift to the Movement at anytime and if you would like to support one, or more, Missioners we can direct your gift to the Missioner Fund.

Here are some of the Missioners who are raising financial support to devote more of their time to co-working with the Lord in the Inspire Movement.

Anthony and Kylie have been living by faith and working for Inspire for the last 2.5 years. They are currently the co-Directors of the USA Core Team and have been based in Wilmore working alongside Phil and Samantha Meadows. They have been convicted by the Lord to continue to give their full-time to Inspire ministry and so are continuing to raise financial support. In 2021 they are planning on starting a new Church Plant in St Louis, Missouri, USA using the Inspire principles and practices.

Tabitha is raising financial support so that she can dedicate her time to working as the Lead Missioner for Inspire for Kids, coordinating a team of volunteer Missioners and developing training and resources to help children, families and children’s leaders to use Inspire for discipleship in their contexts.

Rachel has been the Prayer Coordinator for the Inspire Movement for some time. She is also the Director of the GB Core Team and mentors bands, house fellowships and co-edits the Inspire Newsletters. She is raising financial support to be able to devote more of her time to Inspire to extend the resources and reach of our prayer ministry. 

Samantha has served as the Administrator for the Inspire Movement for many years. Some would say nothing would happen without her! She compiles all the newsletters you read, connects with people across the whole Movement, networks all our Missioners, does accounts for the UK and USA, provides support for the School of Discipleship, coordinates fundraising for Missioners and so much more. For the last few years we have been able to pay her for a few of the many hours that she gives but our desire is to have funds available to remunerate this essential role better.

All of our Missioners need your PRAYER SUPPORT. They all give their time to working out the Inspire vision in their local contexts.

As well as the Missioners names above we few others who are discerning whether they too should be raising support so that live by faith and can give part or full-time to developing Inspire in a variety of contexts. Click below to read about some of our Big Ideas for 2021.

If you would like to help to release an Inspire Missioner to help us with the harvest, you can support an Inspire Missioner with a one-time gift or as a regular donor. Click the button below to find out more. Or contact us if you would like to support a specific Missioner:

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