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Worship As A Weapon

At the end of May a member of our Inspire family told us that the results of a biopsy showed that she is in the early stages of breast cancer. It was a shock but the Lord had already prepared her to received the news.

Right before the doctor called, she had come home from work feeling very anxious in body and mind. She looked at her Facebook and saw an encouraging post, but she could barely read it because she felt so anxious. However, one thing stood out to her: “Step into the garment of praise. Open your mouth and sing to the Lord. Let His goodness be upon your lips. Lift your hands and worship and watch as the darkness and demons flee.”

That triggered a particularly worship song and she began to let the song play and found herself joining in worship with it. As she did she noticed her anxiety had lifted! Within a few minutes she received the call from the doctor. At first she just felt shocked and tried to listen. She felt overwhelmed. She fell on her knees and cried. Then she went a told a co-worker where she lives and shed more tears, but in the midst of it all she felt that her spirit was at peace! 

As she reflected the following day she told us that God had been with her through many hard times in her life. But this time she feels like, “WORSHIP IS MY WORD!!” Jesus wants her to worship him through this all. A friend share the lyrics to a song, My Weapon by Natalie Grant, that speak to this.* “Worship is MY WEAPON!” And she wants to invite others to join her in this. She writes: “God is faithful & Good! He is with me!! I see this all the time! Prayers that all this will draw people to Him!! I don’t want all this to be in vain! Prayers this will open up the flood gates for people to come to TRUE LIFE IN HIM!!! And whatever plans God has.”

It can be hard to talk about breast cancer but we are so glad that our sister has been brave and humble enough to share this with us and invited us to journey with her in prayer, and worship! We know that we have already seen the power of God at work but we believe that we ‘ain’t seen nothing yet’!

My Weapon by Natalie Grant LISTEN HERE on YouTube

Let every lie be silenced
And all depression cease
Let every dark assignment
Bow down at Jesus’ feet

Let every curse be broken
Let every storm be tamed
And all that come against us
Be bound in Jesus’ name

Your presence is my greatest weapon
Pushing back the darkness
Breaking every chain

My worship opens up the heavens
Crushing every stronghold
When I speak Your name
Your presence is my weapon
Your presence is my weapon

Your strength will not be shaken
Your love will not back down
Death has been defeated
What can stop us now

I hold on to what You’ve spoken
You said that I am free
You’ve given me Your promise
And You are my victory yeah

Your presence is my greatest weapon
Pushing back the darkness
Breaking every chain…

Your word and a melody
Are making a way for me
You defeat the enemy
This prison is shaking now
And these walls are coming down
Your presence makes me free
I am free

Lord Jesus, we pray for all those that we know who are battling cancer at this time.  And for those that journey with them. Thank you that they are not alone. Help us all to be faithful in prayer and in praise so that your presence will be evident to all. Push back the powers of darkness and let your glory shine. Amen.

Jesus, make your presence known to us when we, and those we love, are feeling overwhelmed by the darkness. Give us the gift of faith to hold fast to your promises even when it is hard to see how they may be worked out. Draw around us spiritual friends who can help keep us focused on you. Amen

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