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Face to Face

In March the GB Team was on the road again. With one in-person training retreat in the South of England behind them, they followed God’s lead in doing some regional training in the North of England. God gathered together a select few people in the beautiful surroundings of Elm Ridge Methodist Church in Darlington. Having expected somewhere between 15-30 people, it was an act of faith not to be discouraged by the small number that gathered. And we can confidently say that all of the people there were powerfully moved by the Spirit. 

God clearly had a reason for each and every one of them to be at that training retreat. One of them didn’t even know she was going to attend until 30 mins before it started! God reminded the Team how important relationship is and how vital it is that we meet face to face. The smaller group meant that there was more conversation and more time to ask questions and share testimony. At the end of the day, rather than splitting into even smaller groups to do band, we stayed together for the sharing. 

Several people said we could share their testimony to encourage others:

  • “This is all totally new to me and has given me a lot to mull over and think about. Thank you so much for being so welcoming and willing to let me join in.”
  • “Having done an online course I thought today would just be the same as that but it is totally different and way better!”
  • “I have been tempted to give up on God but this day and teaching has given me hope.”

Rachel, Matt, Phil and Liz, GB Core Team

In person training retreats are one of the ways that we can gather face to face, in the flesh, to experience a deeper sense of fellowship. As covid restrictions are lifting in many places and new opportunities for engaging are emerging, we are preparing to offer more Inspire in person training. Get in touch if you are interested in participating in, or perhaps hosting, Inspire training in your area.

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