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Fan Into Flame

When the GB Core Team were designing something to invite a number of people involved with Inspire to a gathering, they approached Katie Meadows to ask if she would consider creating an image. They settled on one but in the conversation Katie mentioned she was working on another image that wasn’t finished yet and didn’t look very good. Just out of curiosity the Team asked to see the unfinished picture.

Even in its embryonic state they all knew this was the right image. It depicted a word that was given to them a number of months earlier. This image has gone on to become a powerful and meaningful image for a number of people and organisations. Katie had no idea the sketch she was working on would have such a huge impact.

It has inspired us to look more closely at what God is doing and to ask Him to show us where there are embers that need fanning into flame both in our own lives, as well as across the Movement.

What do you see when you look at the image? How might the Lord be speaking to you? Do you feel there might be some embers in your own life that need fanning into flame? Is God saying something to you for the Inspire Movement.

We would love to hear how this image is stirring up God’s word in you for yourself, and/or for Inspire.

Perhaps you could send a ‘Fan into Flame’ card to a friend. Invite them to be part of an online Learning Community or to join you in a Band.Or maybe you are looking for some Christmas Gifts and this image could speak to someone you know.

Inspire Publishing has made this image available in the Bookstore as notecards, postcards, A4 and A5 prints. 

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