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Fellowship Band Mission

Thank you, holy God, for the crazy way You answered the prayer for an in person Fellowship Band! I was craving some homemade, warm from the oven chocolate chip cookies (which I’m trying to stay away from as part of a healthier lifestyle). My compromise was that I would bake them, but take half of the cookies to the neighbor who (I’m embarrassed to say) I had yet to pay a visit. Turns out she is a diabetic, but had been praying for a prayer partner! Her husband is in early stages of dementia and they have a 44-year-old mentally/physically handicapped daughter. She has a strong heart for Jesus and we had a delightful conversation about Bands and House Fellowships. Her eyes absolutely lit up as we talked. I prayed over her and then she asked to pray over me–that God would guide me in the formation of transformational bands and a house fellowship! She then thanked me for responding to a nudge–even though she couldn’t eat the cookies. Thankfully, her husband and daughter will enjoy them! Please continue to pray as Cherie and I begin to experience what it looks like to band together and who else might join us–and then that it will multiply into a house fellowship as the LORD sees fit! 

Lately, I have been convicted with the words from the story of Philip and the eunuch in Acts 8. Some translations say, “Then Philip began to speak…”, but I love the version (NASB) that says, “Then Philip opened his mouth…” It feels less like something Philip did and more like something the Holy Spirit did through him. I’ve been praying that God would open my mouth filled with words from the Holy Spirit when there is someone who needs to hear a Word from Jesus. It has been interesting to watch either the blank stares or the shining eyes! I’m praying for more shining eyes like Cherie’s!


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