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Fellowship Band Resources

Check out the Inspire Movement Bookstore for our new publications that help to support people exploring fellowship bands as a means of grace for growing in discipleship as a Way of Life

The new Fellowship Band: A Quick Guide is written by Inspire’s International Director, Philip Meadows and the Co-Director of Inspire USA, Anthony Watts.

The guide is written for anyone who desires to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ. It explains the Inspire vision for fellowship bands, how they help us grow, and how to get them started. It does not describe a program to be rolled out, but the essential ingredients of a discipleship movement.

The guide is not intended as stand alone resource, but one to help connect you to a Movement of people who are seeking to abide more deeply with God and live more missionally in the world.

If you would like to find out more about Inspire Fellowship bands, and /or to be connected to an Inspire Missioner for further wisdom, mentoring or information, contact us: CONTACT

The new Fellowship Band: Portable Reference Card is an excellent resource for every member of a band, and also a great way to invite someone to band. It includes the rhythm for meeting, the Inspire Way of Life questions and the commitments to band.

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