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Holy Week 2023

Palm Sunday is on 2 April in 2023. And then begins Holy Week, also known as ‘Passion Week’, or the ‘Great Week’ because of all the great acts of God during that time. It is celebrated by Christians all around the world as we reflect on Jesus, his life, his journey to the cross, his death and then his resurrection. 

Many churches will have special liturgies, worship services, and/or acts of remembrance. Perhaps you have special traditions, readings or prayers that you use. 

We have collated a few reflections to share with you this week. There are one or two for each day, or you could read them all at once. They are not polished and perfected publications. They are the simple ponderings of ordinary disciples, just like you, who are seeking to walk faithfully with Jesus each day.

The reflections will appear on the Inspire Blog each day starting on Monday 3 April 2023. You will be able to read them HERE. Perhaps you could bookmark the link so that you can find them each day.

We hope that you will feel the presence of Jesus as we share from our hearts to yours. We would be honoured to pray with you. And we would love to hear how God speaks to you this Holy Week. Contact us.

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