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Jesus the Light of the World – With Us

It has been such a joy to hear of how Jesus is shining his light into the lives of children, families, fellowship bands and individuals as they gather each day to use the Advent devotional. (We will update this blog post as we go through Advent so keeping checking back for updates.)

“I am so blessed to be adoring the Lord (as we do our Advent devotional) and teaching my children to adore Him too.”

“One morning the questions were “what ways do you listen Jesus…writing, drawing, singing” and “who are you going to tell about Jesus today?” Kai (age 4) said “my friends don’t know Jesus so maybe I’ll tell them.””

“My fellowship band are using the Advent devotional to centre on Jesus each day. We love the simplicity and yet we are all finding it really challenging for our discipleship.”

Join Malachi and Ezra as they begin their Advent prayer time…

One of our Inspire families currently with us in Wilmore, KY, USA, recorded the first day of their Advent devotions so that they could share it with their family and church community back home in India.  Join them as they read, pray and share.

We would love to hear how you are setting aside time to be with Jesus this Advent and where you see His light shining. Send us your stories and pictures HERE.

If you don’t already have an Advent devotional you could check out the Inspire Blog. During the pandemic we posted a daily devotional. You can find it HERE (scroll down to get to the start). 

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