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Join in ~ Jesus is Here

Although people join in our online courses for all kinds of different reasons there is one thing they all have in common – a hunger for more of the real presence of Jesus in their lives. And Jesus never fails to make His presence felt in our Learning Communities.

Here are some of the reasons people join in, and the difference it makes to be a part of an Inspire Online Learning Community…

  • “We have been Christians for a long time but never found anywhere like the Inspire Movement, so filled with such enthusiastic people.”
  • “I enjoyed the depth of conversation on a previous course and wanted more so I registered for a different course.”
  • “I have been waiting on the shoreline for a long time and now I want to be more involved with Inspire.”
  • “While the classes timed for afternoon/evening in the USA fit better into my Pacific Time Zone, I love the Inspire classes that are designed to connect people around the world! Due to my connection with our Inspire international community through the School of Discipleship, and comments I had made about our unfolding ministry to the homeless, I was introduced to Clare and Geoff. They are the parents of Inspire Missioners in England. They have 20+ years experience in a ministry to the homeless called “Rooted”. My co-pastor, Phyllis, and I zoomed in with Clare and Geoff, and the Missioner, for a good hour. Not only did we have fruitful conversation around a shared ministry passion, but Phyllis and I now have ministry partners and new friends praying for us across the ocean!”
  • “We say Jesus is here but how do we make a point of it and make Jesus real. We need small groups of people to help us to do that. Inspire makes Jesus real.”
  • “Another programme is not the answer. The Way of Life is! Thank you Inspire Movement”
  • “I’d love to hear from the Lord. I want to have real meaningful conversations about Jesus with people.”
  • “Our friends really changed since they got involved with Inspire and we want there same enthusiasm for Jesus, so here we are!”
  • “I am an introvert and I like my own time but I know we have to fulfil our mission to show people Jesus, that is what I am on this course “
  • “Discipleship as a Way of Life cannot be just for church on a Sunday, it needs to be 24/7.”
  • “The Fellowship Band course opened up a new world for me as a way to draw closer to God. I knew my spiritual life was not what it should be and I was looking for a way to grow it. The leaders of this course have done a good job of explaining how to grow closer to God through fellowship bands. Small groups such as this was a new concept that resonated with me and now I am in the process of starting a fellowship band!”
  • “I love my sample band in this class! It was wonderful to be part of the [bigger group] discussion with so many facets and subtle difference in point of view that really enriched my understanding of some of these [reflection] questions.” 

We would love to see you on one of our online learning communities. Why not bring a friend too?! Our online learning communities are also great places to start, or refresh, a fellowship band. If you don’t know where to start, or the schedule does not enable you to join in, contact us and we’d be happy to help.

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