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Keeping the Fire Burning

Fellowship of Believers

September arrived and with it the promise of fall. I have always loved fall, cozy sweaters, soft fuzzy blankets, and the multi-colored quilt of leaves covering the trees. And then there are those simple, quiet evenings around a fire, soaking in the warmth and the conversations.

Every once in a while, someone needs to get up and push the logs around, infusing some oxygen into the fire and igniting the wood that has been hovering just outside the flames. Without rekindling the fire, it will eventually die out and no longer provide the warmth we crave.

It is the same with our Christian walk. We have to keep stoking the fire or it will slowly grow dimmer and dimmer until there is nothing left to keep us warm. We grow cold and lethargic, with no desire to do anything to warm ourselves again.

The early church tells us exactly how to keep that spiritual fire burning. “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” (Acts 2:42). This fellowship of believers studied together, ate together, and prayed together. They served those in need, purposefully living in missional community.

If we want to keeping that fire providing warmth to our soul, we need to live in community. We need to live as a fellowship of believers.

“Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts.
They broke bread in their homes and ate together wth glad and sincere hearts…” 

Acts 2:46

Family Time

In August we had the opportunity to make a trip back to Kentucky for Brian to teach. We extended our stay to spend time with all our kiddos. We took our grandson to the park and then to Chick-fil-a for “fry-fries” and nuggets, enjoyed some backyard wiffle ball and several meals together. It was such a blessing having the whole family together.

On our way back to Louisiana, we spent a day in Hot Springs, AR. It was such a relaxing day and the weather was perfect. After touring the bath house museum and enjoying an amazingly delicious lunch, Brian took Sarah up to the top of the Mountain Tower to see the sights for miles around. We also drove out to experience the glass Anthony Chapel. It was gorgeous and so peaceful!

House Fellowships

Gathering together for a meal with friends is something we all look forward to when the chance arises, even for this introvert. There is something about coming together, sharing a meal and conversation that helps the pressures and worries of the day melt away. The time can be a rejuvenating respite for the soul. This is what Inspire House Fellowships can be for those who intentionally come together weekly or even just twice a month.

During house fellowship, a meal is shared along with “God sightings”, sharing where you have seen God that week. Oh, the amazing stories shared each week, from a simple reminder of His presence through nature to an answer of healing. There is time to share how it is with your soul or maybe scripture you have been reflecting on. It is also a time of blessing as someone prays specifically for you.

All of this can take place around the dining table, on the floor of the living room, or in the backyard. It is simply about sharing your life in community with those willing to walk it with you.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, we would love to share with you and help you begin your own house fellowship.

Ministry Update

Brian has been working both with Inspire and World Methodist Evangelism (WME) over the last couple months. He has also been making contacts with local pastors and friends who are interested in starting fellowships and bands. Here are some of the things he has been working on:

  • Planning for a WME online conference which will be held in Benin, Africa next year.
  • Planning courses to be offered by the Inspire School of Discipleship in Fall 2022
  • Met with a Texas pastor and making plans to travel to their church after the first of the year.
  • Met with a local pastor and making plans to meet with his church staff in October.


  • Financial provisions
  • Opportunities to share about Inspire
  • Work as begun on the new office building

Prayer requests

  • For Sarah to begin to make connections and build friendships here.
  • For continued financial provision.
  • For Brian and Misty to cultivate friendships in our new location.
  • For opportunities for traveling to teach and mentor with Inspire.

Join in what the Lord is doing

  • Talk to us about house fellowships.
  • Arrange for a visit – we bring our own accommodation! (read more here)
  • Receive our newsletters.
  • Register for an online learning community on the School of Discipleship.
  • Ask about custom training for your small group/church/community.
  • Donate to our fundraising so that we can give our full-time to this ministry.
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