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Meeting with the Risen Jesus

We gathered on Easter Sunday morning with people from some of our Wilmore House Fellowships outside in a local park to watch the sunrise, sing, pray, praise, reflect and break bread together.

As we arrived the moon was still shining on one side of the park, whilst the sun was brightening the sky on the other. It was a beautiful moment to stand in between night and day and be with God in his creation. 

The passage we reflected on was the Road to Emmaus in Luke 24:13-34. When Jesus appeared to the disciples along the road, He was present with them. Their hearts were ‘strangely warmed’ when He was talking to them on the road.  But it wasn’t until their eyes were opened that they actually knew who Jesus was. It was as Jesus broke the bread that they ‘saw’ Him. It is important, but not enough, to feel Jesus near, because He does not just want to warm our hearts, He wants to set them on fire! And He does that by opening our eyes to reveal His presence. For those disciples, once they had seen Jesus, there was only one response they could make. They were compelled to go and share the good news that Jesus is Risen.

As we stood in the park the sky got lighter and lighter as the sun rose.

When it came to the time to break the bread, Phil raised up the braided loaf of bread to give the Father thanks, and the sun shone right through the centre of the loaf! It was a remarkable vision of the glory of the Lord with us. As we shared that broken bread and drank the juice, we saw Jesus in our midst. Our hearts were not just warmed, our eyes were opened! 

We left the park to go and defrost over a breakfast feast as we shared stories of our every day lives with Jesus. We prayed with one another that we would see the Risen Jesus in all the circumstances of our lives. And as our fellowship drew to a close a few hours later, we sent one another out to share the Good News so that other people would encounter the Risen Jesus through us. 

Hallelujah! Jesus is Risen!

Lo! Jesus meets us
Risen from the tomb
Lovingly, He greets us
Scatters fear and gloom
Thine is the glory
Risen conquering Son
Endless is the victory
Thou o’er death hast won

 Edmond Budry, 1884

Samantha Meadows, Inspire Missioner

If you would like to encounter the Risen Jesus in your life today, we would be happy to pray for you and/or with you.

You can read more about Inspire House Fellowships on the website, or contact us to talk to an Inspire Missioner.

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