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Prophecy and Spiritual Direction

Jenny Campbell is a long time friend of Inspire. As a prophet and teacher, she helps people to understand prophecy and leads people in exercising the gift of the prophetic. 

Jenny has just launched a new resource on her website that, for a small annual subscription, gives access to high quality downloaded videos and audios: short talks, sound bites, teaching series. It also includes the new audio book being released in weekly chapters: A Workout in Spiritual Direction: Eight Ways to Empower Yourself and Others. This book will help you learn how to use eight ancient spiritual disciplines to develop eight beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount. 

You can read more about Jenny’s ministry, Eagles In Flight, HERE

Here are some of the video/audio titles that are coming online in the coming year: 

  • The Revelation of John 
  • Prophecy Protest
  • Discernment of Prophecy 
  • Testing Prophecy
  • Prophecy Remix: Word and Spirit
  • Daniel Prophetic Intercessor
  • Juicing for Christian Vitality
  • A Prophetic Reading of Scripture

Register for access to these resources: EAGLES IN FLIGHT MEMBERSHIP

We also have copies of Jenny’s book available from the Inspire Bookstore.

Prophecy for Anyone: Stirring the Waters of Christian Prophecy is a helpful and inspiring book that stimulates thoughts and discussion about prophecy. It tackles awkward questions of prophets and leaders, denominations differences, discernment of prophecies and the tools of the trade.

You can purchase Jenny’s book at:

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