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Seasons of Faith

I’ve always loved the sights, smells & sounds of Autumn. We’ve had a wonderful display of colours in the leaves this year. Sadly the storms have removed most of the them and the trees are looking stark and bare. I think that’s sometimes a bit like my faith walk.

The multi-coloured moments, like a recent concert with Belfast Community Gospel choir have passed. Now there’s just me alone with my thoughts looking out at the world from the safety of my own living space; trying to avoid the tasks I’m afraid of and the consequences of the kindnesses I didn’t do. Too much alone time! But I’m not alone! Jesus is speaking to me through the posse of overactive starlings rattling across my lawn, and through the rain clouds scudding across the sky.

“Peace! Be still!” He’s telling me to enjoy His presence this moment and to trust Him to reorganize my ill-kept schedule & the preparations for meetings I should have completed. He’s telling me to keep my eyes on Him. He’s telling me to try to rest in Him and become more like Him. As Dallas Willard says in reference to Discipleship, “It’s not the most important thing in your life what you do but who you become.” 

There’s something appealing about the silence and the grayness of winter. But having Jesus as my master and friend to mentor me as we walk together in faith is even more appealing.

Be blest!  

Robin is the Prayer Cooridinator for Inspire. You can contact him here

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