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Sharing Good News

This month we are celebrating God’s faithfulness in reaching out through our newsletters to bless, challenge and encourage people to abide deeply with Him as they live missionally in the world. Thank you Lord that we have Good News to share!

The e-News continues to bring monthly news, updates and testimonies. Each month we struggle to keep it brief because there is always so much good news to share! If you don’t already subscribe we would recommend it for an overview of what is happening across the Movement, details of ways you can join in, and reminders for your prayers.

The Beacon of Hope started as a short term weekly newsletter to encourage people to see God in their every day as they faced the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. Two years later it is still bringing encouragement to people and drawing them closer to Jesus through the Inspire Movement. 

The Prayer Bowl has been reaching out to people for 6 years. It started in 2016 with two aims: 

  • to be a ‘golden bowl of incense’ for the prayers of people around the Movement by providing prayer points, and encouraging people to fast and pray for Inspire.
  • to share testimony, prophetic insights and wisdom around the four core values of the Inspire Way of Life

Over the years we have told some remarkable stories, witnessed some amazing answers to prayer, and shared some powerful testimonies.

And we are not stopping now! We are creating space for both of the original aims of the Prayer Bowl to be fulfilled more fully, and the encouragements of the Beacon of Hope to keep on bringing hope. 

Inspire Beacon: a marker for the journey is our continuing weekly newsletter that provides reflections and testimonies for our life as disciples around the Way of Life. It also includes recommended resources, shares scripture and points to worship, to help you, and your fellow disciples, as you walk the way of life together with Jesus.

Pray Continually is now our monthly prayer newsletter that highlights points for prayer, shares prophetic insights and provides a monthly calendar to guide your prayer and fasting. It includes a pdf version that you can download and print to use all month long. 

Make sure you are subscribed so that you receive these in your in box as soon as they are sent out. 

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