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Testimonies from House Fellowship

“After a brief good night prayer we were in our beds. Our 4 year and 1 year old were with us and 10 year old went in her room. The lights were turned off and everyone seemed ready to fall asleep. And as we enter into few minutes of calm and quiet night, we heard a not so calm voice. “That boy was so funny.” It was our 4 year old. I opened my eyes puzzled to figure out. “Which boy?” I whispered in her ear. “The boy who was looking to the phone,” she responded innocently. I realised that she was recalling from our house fellowship earlier that evening how Dr. Meadows (Phil) had been playing with her. He was making faces and pointing to his phone as if he missed his glasses and so can’t see and pretending to be an old man. It made us laugh so much how the kids took up the humour and see him even as a “boy.” The best part was that, as I told her, “He is Dr Meadows, ” She said, “Oh yes!” She said assuredly, “Yes, Dr. Meadows’ boy” to assure me and quickly closed her eyes. Our 10 year old burst out laughing in her room and we soon all joined. In her mind Dr. Meadows is Sam and Phil is her ‘boy’!! Beware the joyful effects of house fellowship that give us insights through the eyes of little ones:-)”

“I am grateful to the Lord for [my house fellowship] tonight. This was just perfect and on time needed. We are growing deeper in fellowship with The Constant presence of Christ in our life. Your listening ears, praying heart and joyful presence in our house has been biggest gift to us.”

“What a fellowship, what a joy divine! We are blessed also by the everlasting arms of our Father amidst our fellowship together. Blessed by his constant love.”

“I know there are many brothers and sisters with whom we will praise forever and ever, but y’all are certainly a beautiful foretaste of our eternal fellowship.”

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