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You are Irreplaceable

Morgan is part of the Inspire house church in Wilmore, KY. The Lord has laid on her heart a burden for prayer to bring hope into people’s lives. But her prayers have led her to action and she is following the lead of the Spirit. We felt so blessed and empowered in prayer by her testimony that we wanted to share it with you.

“I was at a worship rally in a big arena at the beginning of the year where the preacher Louie Giglio, a pastor from Atlanta, Georgia shared a really powerful sermon. He used John 4:43-54 “Jesus heals the officials son as his basis for sharing a powerful testimony with us. He was preparing to preach at previous event and the Holy Spirit revealed to him in a vision that he was going to have a teen in the crowd that was making plans to commit suicide. He knew without doubt that he had to address this person when he was preaching before this large crowd. In John 4 the official wanted Jesus to come to his son who was near death, but Jesus spoke and said to him  “…Your son will live.” In the same way, Louie felt like he had to identify the teen in the crowd so that he could speak life over them. But he knew he would have to present it in a clear way. As he started to share this vision with the seated crowd, he began to speak life over this person by saying that the grave was not ready for them yet, and “you will live.” He invited the person in the congregation to stand up. Several hundred people stood up all over the place. Louie then began to think they had misunderstood him and he must not have spoken clearly enough to call that one teen out. So he shared it all again and still several hundred people stood. He was overwhelmed as the Holy Spirit showed, in a powerful way, how many people were struggling with thoughts of suicide in that one crowd.

As I listened, Louie presented the same invitation to us all in the arena that night. ”If there is anyone in the crowd tonight who is struggling with suicidal thoughts, stand up.” As people began to stand throughout the arena, the eyes of my heart were opened to see so many people who are hurting around us, even in a Christian worship rally. I spotted a young lady not far from where I was standing standing and felt the urge to go tell this young lady that she was loved and seen and to pray for her. 

When I got home I knew I had to do more than that. I emailed and messaged people I knew and started gathering regularly with a few people to pray and intercede. 

As the pandemic closed in, I felt the Lord challenging me to do more. So I prayed more. I felt the Lord direct me to order 100 bracelets to hand out in September which is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. I chose the bracelet that said ‘You are irreplaceable. God is not done with you.’ On the inside is printed the suicide helpline phone number. When the order for the bracelets arrived the company had sent 100 extra free!

I found a scripture ‘love letter’ from God ( and printed 200 copies to put in a bag with a bracelet. I prayed as to who or where to take them to. I put out messages to places and people I was connected with and heard no reply. Somewhat discouraged I prayed again. I felt the Lord direct me to share my story with someone who was connected to the local University, but I was waiting for a reply”

Ready to deliver to … where?

That was right before Morgan shared her story at our House Church meeting. We prayed together that the Lord would direct these bracelets where He most wanted them to go. On Monday morning Morgan messaged us:

“Two bags full of the prayer/encouragement wristbands getting ready to go out over to the University. I’m reminded this morning of Proverbs 16:9 “Man’s heart plans his course but the Lord determines His steps.” I was originally thinking of them as reminders for people in my own circles to pray for others but the Lord is taking them to the hands of counsellors today at the University to be used in their ministry. Please join in prayer with me that each of these wristbands will be used for the Lord’s Kingdom work however He chooses in individuals lives so that they will not return void.”

Morgan was overwhelmed that we wanted to share her story with you all. She wrote:  “When you said you were going to share my story, it just makes me go. “Wow Lord!”. My ultimate heart is to encourage others to pray/intercede for those struggling with depression, mental illness of any kind. Prayer is powerful and I’ve been witness to it saving peoples lives. So why not stand in for those who need such prayer? I really believe people struggling with these things are all around us in the communities we live. My prayer is that we be sensitive to people and be the hands/feet of Christ to them however the Lord chooses. May the people you share with be inspired to pray for others.  Thank you for sharing my story, and standing with me in prayer.”

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