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Faith, Hope and Love

As I was watering the new flowers in my garden in Kentucky this week, I was reminded of a photo that my Mum sent me of a beautiful rose that is flowering in her garden in England. In the photo you can see a rainbow that she has placed in her window.

I was thinking about the different flowers we have here to those in England, and the different earth in which they grow. And the seasons that have come and gone that make my Mum’s rose so beautiful and mature, whilst my flowers are new and young. 

But in all these things I am reminded that God is faithful; His promises are true; and He longs for us to live in the fulness of His love, wherever He places us, so that we grow and blossom in Him. 

I wasn’t planning on spending my summer in Kentucky, and my Mum and Dad never imagined they would be ‘shielding’ in their home for 6 months this year. Everything is different to what we had hoped for. But our ultimate hope is in God. We may not understand, or even like, what is going on in the world right now. Young or old, maybe we wonder what it looks like to ‘blossom’ in this season. Nevertheless, the Lord is still Sovereign and His faithfulness is everlasting – that is what God’s rainbow means!

Sustain me, my God, according to your promise, and I shall live; do not let my hopes be dashed. Psalm 119:116

Lord God, thank you for your faithfulness. Help me to see the rainbow of your love over my life. Even though these may be difficult days, reveal the beauty of your presence wherever I am. Plant fresh hope in my life and renew my strength. Make this a season of growth in my love for you. And show me how to share your faithfulness, love and hope with others. Amen. 

Sam is an Inspire Missioner, usually living bi-locationally between the USA and UK.

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