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A Psalm

I hear your invitation to choose You.
What’s the difference between effort and striving?
I’m walking what feels like a tight rope.
The narrow path is hard,
Yet your yoke is easy. 
I’m caught in the tension, 
But you have never left my side.
In the bleakest storm you were my Captain.
I’m secure in your hands,
Though at times it feels like I’m slipping,
And somehow you impart love for me 
To strengthen my brothers.
I want to arrive but I never do
And yet I wouldn’t if I had the choice
Because arrival is knowing you,
So in the truest sense, I’ve arrived.
Do you ever tire of correcting me?
I’m constantly being shaped by you
Wet clay which never dries
But as long as I’m wet, 
It means the Potter’s hand is on me,
And I’d rather be unfashioned in Your hands
Than finished on a shelf.
I’m drawn by the lack of satisfaction
To commune with You in everything.
In the sight of man I could be big or small,
Yet in the sight of God
I am always of value.
I’m found in your name. 

Written by Denis, a member of the Inspire house church in Wilmore, USA.

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