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Dec 21: Jesus is the Lion of Judah



Luke 2:36-40


Anna spent her life living everyday serving and worshiping God in the temple. Even though she had met with great sorrow early in her life (the loss of her husband, and having no children), she chose not to live her life in sorrow and sadness, but rather in praise and rejoicing. Because Anna spent time drawing close to God, she recognised that Jesus was sent by God as the redemption of Jerusalem. When Anna saw Jesus, she praised God.

Even as a child Jesus changed the lives of people. When they met him they rejoiced!

How is Jesus changing your day today?


Names of Jesus #21 ~ The Lion of Judah

Today’s promise

“Do not cry! The Lion of Judah has won the battle!” Revelation 5:5


My God you are like a lion,
King of the animals,
King of me!
Let me hear you ROAR.
Roar in me, roar in your world, let the whole world hear you roar! Amen

Extract from: Counting Down to Christmas with Jesus, by Tabitha Heathcote, illustrated by Katie Meadows. Inspire Movement Publishing, 2020

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