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Easter in a Pandemic

With a global pandemic causing ‘conventional’ church’s to close their doors and schools and nurseries only open to children of key workers who cannot sustain childcare at home, there is a risk that Easter will pass by millions of children across the UK. Apart from chocolate eggs in the supermarket (only one of which includes the real Easter story a huge number of children may not realise Easter has happened, let alone what it actually means.

According to a Bible Society survey 28% of children in the UK think the hare and the tortoise feature in the Easter story and 29% of children did not know God raised Jesus from the dead. With face to face gatherings of any sort being banned how can we as disciples of Jesus share the hope and joy of Easter with the millions of people who are locked in their homes at this time?

In our neighbourhood we are organising a treasure hunt. We have asked 30 people to decorate an Easter egg and put it up in their windows on the morning of Good Friday. We will be posting a map of the neighbourhood and a leaflet explaining Easter in three words through everyone’s door. We will encourage them to use their exercise for the day to explore the neighbourhood and find all the Easter eggs. The eggs will stay in windows from Good Friday to Easter Sunday so people can spread their walking out over the weekend. There are a few apps you could use to organise the treasure hunt if you don’t fancy using a map (GooseChase or ActionBound).

Conventional Church may have closed its doors but each of us is a light bearer in our neighbourhood… How will you share God’s light with those in your immediate community?

Please note: This post is written by one of Inspire family in the UK. All statistics refer to research done across the UK and all ideas comply with the current UK Government guidelines for social distancing due to COVID-19.

We are developing an Inspire resource for sharing Easter in 3 words. If you’d like to see it contact us: 

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