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Friday Fasting and Prayer

On the last Friday of each month we commit to fasting and prayer for the Inspire Movement. 

Fasting is spiritual discipline that is often neglected. But it is a powerful weapon for spiritual warfare because:

  • We follow the example of Jesus, who resisted the temptations of the devil in the wilderness; and 
  • Jesus expects us to do it: “when you fast”, he said in Matthew 6, not ‘if’ you fast. 

Many people in the Inspire family keep the Friday fast by choosing to fast from after evening meal on a Thursday to 3 p.m. on a Friday to commemorate the Passion of Christ (from the Last Supper to Jesus’ death on the cross).

If you would like to know more about the practice of fasting, we have a helpful Inspire resource called ‘The Discipline of Fasting’, by Philip Meadows. We also have lots of wisdom and collected experience of fasting and we would be happy to talk to you. Contact us at:

Each month in the Prayer Bowl we include specific prayer points, and often share testimonies from fasting. You can subscribe to the Prayer Bowl here: SUBSCRIBE

The dates for our monthly Friday of fasting and prayer in the coming months are: 

  • 27 September 
  • 25 October
  • 29 November 
  • 27 December

Whilst you are praying, listen for anything you feel the Lord might have to say, especially for Inspire. And we would love to hear about your experiences of fasting: When you do fast? What difference does it make? How do you practice fasting? Do you fast from food? Have you abstained from other things, e.g technology? Send us your stories and experiences and we can share them (anonymously if you prefer) as a way of encouraging one another. You can send your thoughts and insights to:

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