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God Is On The Move!

31 May 2023: The past couple of months, we have noticed God has been opening a lot of doors to more connections in St. Louis.  Each person has a different story, so we are prayerfully building relationships and asking God to connect each person to our ministry at the right time.  Because our group is pretty much at capacity, we have been preparing our group for making room for new people and asking each individual to pray into what God may be calling them into as we grow.  We have already seen some current members growing in leadership, which has been encouraging.  

Last week we had our Missional Community Review – where we reviewed where we have seen growth and what challenges we have faced while meeting together.  We also asked everyone to pray about if they want to commit to meeting through December 2023.  It was a really encouraging night and we also were given some helpful ideas and feedback.  Here are some practical ways people have seen God move in their lives through our Missional Community:

  • This group is genuinely changing my kids.  They ask to pray or talk about God.  
  • I’ve been having more conversations with my kids [about God] and seeing how their priorities have shifted.  I believe it has changed their hearts and lives.
  • Before I was scared to pray, but now prayer has become a part of my day to day life and a first response.
  • I grew up believing that faith was private, but because of the way we share I’m more open to sharing struggles.
  • I used to go through things feeling lonely or isolated and now I’m not anymore; I’m feeling the support of community.  
  • I am more comfortable with spiritual conversation and talking about Jesus with others.  
  • I feel more cognizant of everything around me and where God is moving.
  • I know that there is a community actually praying for me.

We are praising God for the way he has been moving in our lives and in the lives of our church members in St. Louis! We are also giving thanks for YOU – those of you who continue to keep up with us through encouragement, prayer, or giving,  Lives are being changed in St. Louis not just through us, but through all of you who have been supporting us and loving us so well.  Thank you! And be encouraged that God is on the move! 

Kylie and Anthony are church planting with Inspire fellowship bands and house fellowships in St Louis, MO, USA, You can read more of their stories on the Inspire blog here, and/or support them here.

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