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Inspire Scholars 2020

Two members of the new Inspire Scholars group share their testimony about the difference it is making in their lives.

“The Inspire Movement is doing wonderful kingdom work making disciples with a missional emphasis; making disciples who have a desire to make disciples. It’s not just about making disciples but making disciples to further the kingdom of God, disciples with a mission. After graduation from seminary 3 years ago I became an Inspire missioner and enjoy band meetings and house fellowship groups all with the goal of making new disciples.

Yet there was something inside of me that wanted more. I wanted to learn the role of the Holy Spirit in discipleship and evangelism. I had several discussions with Rev Dr Phil Meadows and he suggested a group of like-minded disciples coming together to look at this issue. The result is the Inspire Scholars group.

Inspire Scholars is a group who are currently reading Clark Pinnocks book Flame of Love. A Theology of the Holy Spirit. We meet on Zoom once a month to discuss the chapter we’ve read together. The discussions, led by Dr Phil Meadows, look at the current chapter but also springboard into related topics. This group has fulfilled my desire to learn some of the theology of discipleship and evangelism. It is a group I am excited to meet with each month. When we finish Pinnock’s book we will look for another source to study.

If you are looking for some stimulation reading and discussion on the role of the Holy Spirit in our ministry I would encourage you to join with us.”

“It has been 15 years since I graduated from seminary, and the desire for more theological work was often tempered by the cost of further schooling.  Last year I contacted Dr. Phil Meadows, with a sudden impulse or maybe it was a Godly nudge!, for more study to be a more effective Inspire Missioner and to serve Jesus more effectively. As God would have it, others were praying and planning along these lines! 

The result is the “Inspire Scholars” group, which is currently studying “Flame of Love” by Clark Pinnock, on the workings of the Holy Spirit.  It’s a difficult book, dense and wonderful, and I doubt I would have the enthusiasm I have for it should we not be in discussion.  This is a class for love, not for academic credit.  

Does any of this resonate with you?  Would you like to be part of Inspire Scholars?  Perhaps this is something for your prayers and consideration.”

The Inspire Scholars commit together to reading a selected text and reflecting between meetings, and gathering once a month on Zoom for teaching and conversation. If you are interested in finding about more the Inspire Scholars CONTACT US.

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