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Longing for More of Jesus

Testimony of a Fellowship Band

I wanted to share a praise with an experience with my Band. We had 5 members in our band because we had been meeting together as a group before we officially became a band. One of the members chose to pull out (which was actually a good thing because of their lack of commitment and 5 is really too many people for a band.)

I felt like we had gotten off track and wasted a lot of time chit chatting and never really getting into the heart of things until it was time to quit. Because of the change in our band it was a good time to pull back and regroup. I felt like a heart to heart conversation was needed and that made me anxious. I spoke to an Inspire Missioner and they gave me great counsel about evaluating our group and suggested some great questions:

  • How are we doing as a band?
  • What do we do well? 
  • What could we do differently?

We went back over the Inspire portable reference card and talked through it. It was an awesome conversation that went much better than I ever anticipated. I think this is something we need to do a couple of times a year (which I think is recommended). It was very encouraging to all of us.

We know that our desires are the same and we all long for more of Jesus and want to do this together.

Linda lives in Missouri, USA 

If you would like to learn more about Inspire Fellowship bands, check out the website and/or CONTACT US and an Inspire Missioner will be happy to talk to you.

You can read more about, and order copies of, the Inspire proratable reference card at the INSPIRE BOOKSTORE.

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