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The Table

We are officially a registered non-profit in the state of Missouri! We have enjoined our season of being “unofficially official”, and knew God would bring the right name when it was time.  We started thinking about the name “The Table” a few months ago, and have many stories we could share of ways God has confirmed that name to us.  

We love the scriptural meaning behind the name, as well as the way it summarizes the ministry we do.  In the Bible, the table is where Jesus taught his friends about discipleship and community.  It is where the poor, marginalized, and the outcast were welcomed into the loving embrace of the Father.  And in revelation, scripture promises that every nation, tribe, and tongue will gather around the table together to worship and be in community with God.  The table is also a vital piece of our ministry, and is where we believe radical healing, reconciliation, and experiencing of the love of God will occur in our gatherings.  

There is a song by Leeland titled “Carried to the Table”, that I think sums up beautifully the image of the table of God.

“I was carried to the table,
seated where I don’t belong.
Carried to the table,
swept away by his love.
And I don’t see my brokenness anymore,
When I’m seated at the table of the Lord.
I’m carried to the table,
the table of the Lord.”

Anthony and Kylie are Inspire Missioners in St Louis, MO, USA. Read more about their church planting HERE.

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