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Prayer Points July/August

Giving Thanks For:

  • The Spirit at work in the International Steering Group, renewing excitement and cultivating eager anticipation for all that the Lord has in store for the coming year. 
  • 50 Missioners who have committed to helping to extend the vision of Inspire in the coming year.
  • The multiplication of Fellowship Bands from the Online Learning Community.

Join us as we pray for:

  • All the Inspire Missioners who have faithfully served over the past year; giving thanks for their commitment; praying some of them on into their new ventures as they step down; praising God for those who are continuing or stepping into the Role of Missioner for 2020-21.
  • Inspire Missioners using the Inspire vision in many different contexts and countries.
  • New regular givers to join in with what God is doing through Inspire. Read more about how you can join in HERE.
  • Plans for the new Online School of Missional Discipleship starting in September. Read more about the Online Learning Communities HERE.
  • Wisdom and insight for the Core Teams as they oversee the growth of the Movement in their areas. Click the links at the top of this page to read more about the Core Teams in Ireland, Great Britain and the USA.
  • The new Inspire Finance Team as they work on fundraising and helping Missioners to raise financial support to work with Inspire. 
  • That we will not settle for a ‘new normal’, but seeking what the Lord wants to do in the new season we find ourselves in. Read reflection New Normal?
  • People’s lives to be changed and transformed through Inspire so that they cannot imagine going back to life without the fullness of Jesus. Read reflection Do You Love Me More Than The Fish?
  • Those who are struggling with anxiety and depression because of the pandemic, that they will see the goodness of God.
  • Wisdom and care as lockdowns change in so many places, and surges of Covid-19 continue.

The monthly Inspire Prayer Bowl includes more detailed prayer points. The Prayer Bowl is sent out just before the last Friday of the month when we commit to fast and pray for Inspire. You can subscribe to the Prayer Bowl HERE.

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